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CANDID FRANK is a tiny online business that sells vintage clothing. The aim of this site is to provide you guys with a one-stop-shop for sustainable and vintage clothing at a lower price. Many vintage stores have expensive rents to pay and their stock is, therefore, more expensive. CANDID FRANK is solely based online so we can offer you the same quality

clothing for less!

Our main goal is to give people the perfect opportunity to shop sustainably. By buying preloved clothing we are helping reduce waste while creating a unique wardrobe with vintage pieces! As the name suggests, we are up-front, candid and frank about our clothes. There is no green-wahsing or unethical practice in CANDID FRANK - meaning you can shop sustainably and ethically with us!

I hope you enjoy your time shopping with CANDID FRANK!!

Check out more info on the Insta @candidfrankvintage.

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