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INSTA @candidfrankvintage

Candid Frank was set-up in 2020 by 19-year-old Anna! We noticed there were no fully sustainable shops out there which offered a similar range to fast fashion as well as the same accessibility. Our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for all of your sustainable fashion needs! To continue this journey and to connect with other like-minded sustainable fashion enthusiasts we set up an Instagram account.

If you would like regular stock updates, styling tips and a 10% off discount code, check out our Instagram. Alternatively make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to ensure you can get your hands on the pieces you want as soon as they go live.

We love to interact with followers who like to send us stock requests or point out upcoming trends that they want us to hop on. We have created such a kind and supportive community, and there's room for more so come and join us!



One of our main goals is to provide you with a fully sustainable shopping experience. We want you to be able to enjoy online browsing without any compromises, while also ensuring everything we provide is fully sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically sourced!


So many vintage and "sustainable" shopping options offer a great range and provide an eco-friendly experience. However, as soon as your clothes arrive they are wrapped in layers of plastic. At Candid Frank we ae a zero-plastic business with completely paper packaging - including paper tape!


While our main goals are eco-conscious, overall we are in love with fashion and expressing creativity through clothing and accessories that are unique to your tastes! We aim to provide you with the option to do that through our one-off pieces, our rare vintage finds and our individual handmade accessories.


We regularly attend in-person vintage markets. This offers us the unique opportunity to meet with loyal customers face-to-face and create new relationships through our stock and individual selection! Check out our Insta for regular updates on times, location and what we will have available to purchase.


We have donated over €10,000 worth of clothing vouchers to various charity causes and just to say thanks to our loyal customers. If you would like us to sponsor a raffle prize for your up-coming charity event then just drop us a DM on Insta and we will see what we can do!


Candid Frank has featured in numerous public society events and University talks. We were so delighted to be invited as the Guest Speaker by Mary Immaculate College for two years in a row to discuss marketing, sustainability and media with the students of three Entrepreneurship classes. 

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